7 Things That Make Her ‘Ugly’ Without Realising it

Before you start reading the article, you should know that the features we will talk about are totally related to the personality and temperament of a woman; At no time is there anything mentioned about her physical appearance. It is likely that you have met more than once with an acquaintance or friend who, while she may be very beautiful on the outside, had a characteristic that greatly impoverished her interior. Everywhere there are people so are arrogant, that any types of beauty they have become insignificant given their character. Does it sound true? If so, we leave you with several aspects that make a woman lose all her “attractiveness”…

1. Gossip

It may seem fun to share the latest rumors, scandals, and stories that involve the lives of your friends, family, and co-workers with your man, but the truth is that being a gossip girl is a great dishonesty. While your intentions may be to try to open the lines of communication with your boyfriend and keep him aware of everything, it is important to recognize that giving credit to the sordid actions of others, only shows that you have a really low self-esteem. In fact, many people who feel insecure rely on gossips as a way to feel better about their own lives and choose to talk about the failures of others as a way to give themselves a boost. In case you want to meet a man, or just make friends, leave such a behavior aside. The next time you will be dying to talk about other people’s dirty laundry, choose to clean up your actions first.

2. There is nothing to talk to her about

Obviously, this does not mean that all men are scholars when it comes to having a conversation. However, it is true that, from time to time, they like when a girl also contributes interesting topics or, at least, she tells something about a trivial or formal matter without avoiding dialogue. For many males, this is something important that can make the date more interesting and memorable, and not boring or tedious. However, in case you only talk badly about others, gossip, or criticize your other friends, men are likely to go away quickly.

3. Not having goals or ambitions

You do not have to have your whole life planned, but most of the men do not want to be with someone who lacks any kinds of purpose or direction. It is not attractive to hear someone explain how lost she is or does not know what to do with her life. Also, if you show that you do not care or that you do not like anything, it could make you appear unstable. While your man should feel that you need him from time to time, he does not want to have to rescue you all the time if you stop working, changing careers or do not take a determined course; This could be especially true if he has a clear vision of his future. It will be difficult to imagine you by his side if you do not know what you are doing with your life.

4. Not having an opinion of their own

Believe it or not, being always in agreement with a man can be a great demotivating factor. If you are afraid to express your own opinions, you are not willing to disagree with him, or you want to avoid any conflict because you are afraid he will leave you, in reality, you will only be showing the lack of openness, honesty, and authenticity. After all, being able to express your true thoughts and feelings is what helps to strengthen the connection between the two, allowing them to know each other at a deeper and more intimate level. The key is to show your true self: that way you can attract the right man who appreciates who you are, and not what you think he wants you to be. Remember, a man does not look for his clone.

5. Being a damsel in distress

Many childhood fairy tales will make you believe that men are attracted to dramatic women who need to be rescued, but it’s time to turn the page! Actually, men do not feel very interested in it, and if you will take such a way to approach a possible lover, you may feel sorry to know that, making the victim of yourself, will only make you look desperate, immature and overdramatic. Instead of trying to draw his attention by catastrophizing situations in which he needs to come and save you, you could save yourself the trouble by doing exercises that increase your self-esteem, as well as learn to solve your own problems to be more self-sufficient. If you want to win a Prince Charming, acting as the queen of drama is the wrong approach.

6. Men pay for everything

Fortunately, today there are many women who want to transform this custom so deeply rooted in society, claiming that they do not know why men should pay for everything, like dinner, cinema, if they also work and earn the same wages as them. Obviously, nothing happens when the man invites a woman with whom he is dating and want to pay for tickets or food, but it is not pleasant when she tries to take advantage of the situation. Men feel much better when the woman offers herself from time to time to pay the bill or, at least, to divide it with her boyfriend; it is not an unfeminine or bad-seeing detail. On the contrary, it shows that she does not have to be a maintained one and that she cares about the relationship. Of course, there are still many women who think that “they should not pay because it is the man who invites them and who wants to be close” but that only shows the little interest in the relationship and the lack of courage.

7. Being a materialist

When a woman becomes materialistic, she becomes a man’s nightmare. Basically, she loves and pretends to take care of him, not because she really cares but for what he has. Obviously, we all want to have things in life and have a good life, and it’s not a bad thing. However, when those feelings become the obsession to want to always have the best of the best, the person decays greatly and shows that you are not interested at all in the relationship itself. You must know one thing clear, and that is that a person is more valuable not because of the money he spends or the mobile phone he has, but because of the way he thinks and acts.

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