Educated Empaths Are The Worst Enemy Of The Sociopaths

Empaths are emotionally intelligent people who are aware of the emotions and feelings of everyone around them.

Many people confuse empathy with sympathy, but in fact, these two skills are completely different.

Sympathy is when you feel pity or sadness when someone is suffering whereas empathy is the ability to understand what other people feel even when they are trying to hide their emotions. In other words, empathy allows you to experience both their pain and suffering.

Here are the main characteristics of empaths:

1. Ability to understand other people’s feelings

These people can literally feel the very same pain and suffering of those around them. They can even manifest same physical symptoms.

2. Helping others

Empaths will do their best to help those in need. They reward and praise others for their strengths and achievements, thus giving them the needed support and motivation.

3. Serving others to make them happy

Empaths are kind of people who always put other people’s needs before their own needs. Their primary aim is to make others happy and they are ready to do everything they can to achieve that.

4. Having political awareness

Although this skill can lead us to believe that empaths have manipulative abilities, it actually means that empaths can sense the requirements of certain groups of people and respond to them. They do know how to take advantage of others but their strong moral principles prevent them to use manipulation in order to get a benefit for themselves.

Why are empaths a threat to sociopaths?

Sociopaths are people who manifest anti-social behavior and are unable to adapt to the society’s norms. They are prone to impulsivity, lying, irresponsibility, stealing, aggression, and drug abuse.

The following personality traits will help you to recognize a sociopath:

• Lack of empathy
• Calculating and cold nature
• Narcissism

• Shallow emotions
• Sexual deviance
• Grandiose self-image

• Manipulative behavior
• High IQ
• Sensitivity to criticism

• Paranoid behavior
• Poor judgment
• Incapacity of love

• Irrational thinking
• Absence of neurotic manifestations
• Lack of shame and remorse
• Criminal behavior

Sociopaths are unable to control their behavior which is evident even in the early childhood. Psychologists believe that these people have probably suffered from deprivation, emotional abuse, rape, and abandonment in their childhood which could lead to anti-social behavior later in their lives.

Although most people think that sociopaths are intellectually superior to empaths this is not true.

In fact, empaths are more intelligent than sociopaths because they are grounded, capable of abstract thinking and more creative. Sociopaths lack these traits and therefore they can’t be intellectually superior.

However, although empaths do not like to hurt anyone, they should learn how to use their creativity to protect themselves from other people’s negative energy. They should not stay silent when sociopaths treat them disrespectfully.

They must realize that they are smarter enough to fight back because they deserve respect and love.

Source: Off-Road-Mind